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Power Bank 2800 - Smart Charger for Smartphones & more

Power Bank 2800 - Smart Charger for Smartphones & more

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Your phone will receive a 100%+ boost from the Power Bank 2800 Smart Charger. Your phone will immediately come to life once more. You are able to speak and charge simultaneously. When your device is completely charged, this smart charger automatically shuts off and has a power charge indicator.

It features a USB port, which is present on all charging cords for smartphones. Just put in the cable and the device is ready to receive a charge. It can be used repeatedly and will pay for itself in a matter of days.

It can be charged and on reserve for up to seven days when not in use. All of this is yours for an astounding sum. The Smart Charger 2800 can be used repeatedly and recharged in one to two hours. Most people purchase 6 of them and put them in all potential locations where they might be needed.

-2800mAh Power Bank
-USB port for charging 1.1 amp
-Includes micro usb cable for charging the power bank.
-Full compatible with all models of APPLE , SAMSUNG , LG , HTC & NOKIA smartphones.
-It can even charge a tablet or ipad.
-Comes in multiple colors.
-1 Year Warranty


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Our VISION: Sage Design Group wants to be the go-to-place for ideas that help CREATE, INSPIRE and GROW profitable businesses through meaningful human connections. We strive to foster results oriented communication campaigns to enhance our client's image, improve their sales and maximize their ROI.

Our STORY: Sage Design Group is an advertising agency founded in 2005 by Art Director & Marketing Expert Annette C. Sage, who has over 20 years of experience in the industry. Its advertising philosophy takes the traditional marketing funnel and integrates advocacy to keep up with today's connected economy.

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Sage Design Group was founded in 2005 by Creative/Art Director and Marketing Expert Annette C. Sage, who has over 20 years of experience in the industry. Annette’s areas of expertise are in Advertising and Marketing, Lead Generation, Business Development and Identity Branding. Annette has helped Entrepreneurs grow billion dollar brands.

Annette is also an Award Winning Photographer and Advertising Designer who has been featured in publications and art gallery exhibitions. Her educational background includes Associates Degrees in both Commercial Art and Photography, a BA in Visual Communications and an MBA in International Marketing. She also taught Multimedia at ITT Technical Institute.

Throughout the years, Annette has worked, networked and consulted with many industry leaders and has made strategic alliances with top professionals. Annette is an asset to any team bringing her experience and multi-talents to the table.

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