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14-Inch Digital Depository Drop Cash Safe Box

14-Inch Digital Depository Drop Cash Safe Box

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The digital safe box is an excellent security room for quick depository of items such as cash, paperwork, or employee turnover.

The user can easily program the electronic lock with a "safety key" override. The code is made up of 3-8 programmed pin digits, and the keyless design is both safe and convenient for you. The magnetic lock is intended to auto-lock the safe without the use of keys or a pin code. After three incorrect combination attempts, the safe is set to time out.

The safe has pre-drilled holes on the back for anchoring to the floor, wall, or cabinet. Don't be afraid to purchase a home.

Opens with a digital pin or the override key included. One key to a hidden lock 3-8 digit security code using any number from 0-9 After three incorrect combination attempts, there is a time out period. 2 mm thick solid steel construction For added security, the front door is 4 mm thick. Anchoring holes pre-drilled behind the safe with included 2" bolts Inside tamper-resistant hinges Carpet padding on the inside of the bottom Floor, wall, or cabinet mounting.

Long-Lasting and Robust Material: This electronic safety lock box is made of high-quality solid steel that will last for a long time. The thickness of the body is 2mm, and the thickness of the door is 4mm. It will include two upgraded live-door bolts. This safe box can be installed on the wall, shelf, or floor to ensure its security, effectively deterring any would-be thief and keeping your children away from the box.

This electronic safe box can be used in the home, office, other workplaces, or hotels to store valuables such as money, documents, jewelry, passports, and so on.

Password Entry and Dual Key Lock: You can create your own password with the digital keypad to ensure easy entry, complete security, and safe storage. Code numbers can range from 3 to 8 digits. Please keep in mind that three consecutive incorrect entries will cause the warming beep to sound for 20 seconds. The beeps can be silenced by opening the safe with the emergency key and removing the battery.

Advanced Security: The box safe box is waterproof and fireproof due to its robust exterior and interior finish and design, ensuring that your valuable items are safely stored and protected no matter what happens. The automatic lock and password setting also effectively prevents unauthorized people from opening it.


Color BlackĀ 
Material Solid steel
Operation Digital pin or override key
Original code 159; then press A or B
Exterior dimensions 13.8" x 10" x 10"
Interior dimensions 13.5" x 9.7" x 9.7"
Door opening 12" x 8"
Depository opening 6" x 0.5"
Body thickness 2 mm solid steel
Door thickness 4 mm solid steel
Battery required 4 x AA-size 1.5 V
Time out period After 3 attempts




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